BCN Wood


  • Height: 30.75"
  • Width: 18.25"
  • Depth: 20.5"

Wood Finishes:

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Polypropylene Finishes:

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Made in Italy

Available Finishes:

White PBT (colour reference “White polypropylene PPO1”)Nero PBT (colour reference “Black polypropylene PPO3”)Beige PBT (colour reference “Beige polypropylene PPO5”)Coral red PBT (colour reference “Coral red polypropylene PPO7”)Light grey PBT (colour reference “Light grey polypropylene PP11”)Zinc yellow PBT (colour reference “Zinc yellow polypropylene PP12”)Meadow green PBT (colour reference “Meadow green polypropylene PP13”)


Product: BCN Wood