Babila 2735


  • Height: 31.1"
  • Width: 21.1"
  • Depth: 21.2"
  • Seat Height: 18.1"

Metal Finishes:

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Technical Files:

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Custom metal finishes available

Suitable for outdoor

Minimum order quantity: 4 pcs

Made in Italy

Available Finishes:

Metal; CR, BI100, BI200, BI300, SA100, SA200, SA300, GI100, AR200, AR500, AR400, RA100, RO400, RO200, RO300, TE200, TE, Ml100, RU, MG, AZ100, BL500, BL300, BL600, BL400, VE100, VE600, VE300, 6005, VE400, BE100, BE200, AL, 9007, AG, GA, GN, & NERO

Metal for Outdoor; Bl100E, Bl200E, Bl300E, SA100E, SA200E, Gl100E, AR200E, AR500E, AR400E, RA100E, RO400E, RO200E, RO300E, TE200E, TEE, Ml100E, RUE, MGE, AZ100E, BL500E, BL300E, BL600E, BL400E, VE100E, VE600E, VE300E, 6005E, BE100E, BE200E, ALE, 9007E, AGE, GAE, GNE, & NPE

Polypropylene; BI, SA,GR, GI, AR, & NE


Product: Babila 2735